Best Places On Oahu, Hawaii Travel

Oahu, Hawaii Travel can be a paradise for anyone looking to explore the world. The island is over 150 miles long and features a wide range of sights and activities. No matter what you are looking for in your trip, there is something for everyone. If you want white sand beaches, beautiful waterfalls, historic sites and incredible views all in one place, Oahu will deliver. There are also places to go surfing or hiking if that’s what you’re into!

Best Places on Oahu, Hawaii Travel

1. Diamond Head

This is the most famous volcanic crater on the island. You can hike it or take an automated tram to get from the bottom of the crater to the top. At night it is particularly spectacular because there are lights along the walls of the crater that illuminate it for all to see!

2. Hanauma Bay

This is arguably one of the best beaches in all of Hawaii. It is a submerged volcanic crater that has clear, beautiful water. The fish are especially friendly here and can be fed out of your hand if you so desire. The snorkeling here is also fabulous, so if you want to swim with the fish, this is the place to do it.

3. Kaneohe Marine Corps Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches on Oahu, especially for surfing enthusiasts. It features a ton of amenities including beach chairs, picnic tables and restrooms as well as showers for washing off after a day in the ocean. There is even a stage along the shore where on weekends you can catch one of the many live concerts.

4. Waimea Canyon

This is a beautiful canyon system featuring waterfalls and hiking trails through beautiful forests and various landscape features. This is also a great place to go hiking but it’s best if you don’t bring your dog as it can get very crowded with other dogs, so keep that in mind. There are also plenty of areas inside this canyon that are perfect for picnicking during summer months or camping out if you have a tent and camping gear.