Tips For Choosing A Vacation Home Decor Items

There are a huge range of design styles when it comes to choosing a vacation home decor items. This list does not cover every conceivable idea for decorating since this would require an entire book- and for now, anyway, let’s focus on creating a practical list of realistic options.

Ones Themed.

First, we have the option of designing in ones theme. This is probably the easiest to do for a new homeowner and especially one growing accustomed to a specific decorating style, like country or coastal. You can simply design around a theme or purchase pre-designed items as is often the case with interior design products. If you’re on a budget, consider decorating in basics like stripes and solids or visit your local thrift shop for odds and ends from which you can build an assortment of pieces. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, dive in and create your own theme.

Under the Same Roof.

If you have no specific theme in mind, then take a look around your home because naturally it will reflect your style. For example, if your home is all about color, then why not incorporate color in the décor? For instance, if your walls are earth tones or blues, why not drapes and upholstery that are equally earthy or blues? A large living room can be decorated with large area rugs in multiple colors. Use cushions of a hot hue to brighten the area and make it feel like home.

Simplicity and Harmony

You can also choose one or two color schemes and stick with it throughout the house. This creates a clean, uncluttered look that is quite pleasing to the eye.

Colors In Neutral Tones.

The next time you are in the interior design store, take a look at neutral tones as well as earthy tones, or taupes and browns. These tend to coordinate better with most materials than any others do and still leave you breathing room for creativity. They also represent a permanent type of feel that will be infused in both outdoor and indoor spaces throughout your home.

In conclusion, consider your home’s style, so that you have a good idea of what will work with your décor. But, most importantly, you must love your home as it is supposed to be and not how you want it to look.